Quick Tip: npm outdated and npm update

Use npm outdate and npm update to check for and update to newer versions of your installed node modules using npm's built-in commands.

npm outdated

npm outdated

Red items mean the wanted version is also the latest.

npm update

This will update all packages to the wanted version.

My package.json has "react": "^16.13.1" listed as a dependency. npm update would change this to "react": "^16.14.0",, not v17.

Running npm outdated again would show I have every package updated the wanted version.

npm outdated after npm update

Individual packages can be updated by listing the package names in the command e.g. npm update react react-dom

Updating to the latest and greatest

npm update only gets you as far as your semver range. If you want to break above that and get the latest, append @latest to the package name. e.g. npm install react@latest

Update Globally Installed Packages

All three commands work globally with the addition of -g or --global

npm outdated -g
npm update -g
npm install -g package@latest
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