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Duncan McDougall

Duncan McDougall is contract web developer from Annan, Scotland.
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Favourite films of 2010's

November 12, 2019

My favourite movies of the decade

My Development Setup 2019

April 10, 2019

A run down of my current web development setup. Updated August 2019.

Useful NPM global packages

April 07, 2019

When it’s a package that I’ll use infrequently, such as create-react-app, I’ll reach to . However, there’s a few packages I use again and…

Debugging LESS with dotLESS

September 05, 2015

How to trace back compiled CSS to less files when using dotLESS.

Website Speed and Analytic Metrics

October 07, 2013

A brief look at how website performance influences the stats found in Google Analytics.

jQuery Responsive Lightbox plugin

November 10, 2012

A lightweight, responsive lightbox jquery plugin.

Many To Many Mapping in Fluent NHibernate

October 11, 2011

Code snippet for mapping two classes in Fluent NHibernate using a many to many relation.