Here lies a collection of little web-based tools I've made for various purposes.


A PWA Notepad app that stores your notes locally - no login, no cloud. It's basically just a big <textarea> hooked up to localStorage.

Notepad screenshot

I've moved to this from Notion for simple work notes and todo lists. Inspired by Andy Bell's Jotter.

nth-child Selector Tester

Try out different nth-child options against a list. Handy for reminding yourself what the CSS is for highlighting every 3rd item.


This is just a page that shows you your webcam. Basically a mirror. Handy for checking yourself out before jumping on a Zoom/Team/Slack/Meet/Skype/Blah/Blah/Blah call. Inspired by my wife's work laptop which doesn't have the Camera app installed and locked down so she can't install it herself.

Line Sorter

Copy-paste stuff into a textbox and it'll automatically appear sorted on the right. Stupidly simple, occasionally useful.

Toddler Typer

My wee girl loves to sit at my desk and slam the keyboard. This lets her pretend like she's typing a story.

Ooooh, ultrawide! 😍